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What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is a custom Team Fortress 2 game mode where the REDs are prisoners and BLUs are guards. The prisoners spawn with only their melees and have the option to either follow orders to get last request or rebel to win the round for the prisoners! The guards spawn with ammo, one of them being designated the Warden which will be responsible to give orders to the prisoners. The guards must kill anyone who does not follow orders and must work against rebels.

Jailbreak Terms
  • AFK - “away from keyboard” – Any actions of movement that require the keyboard, including voice-commands, are prohibited.
    • This does not restrict the use of text chat, voice chat, or AFK taunts.
    • Activating an AFK taunt is considered AFK, however, untaunting is not considered AFK
    • Note that AFK implies AFM
  • AFK Taunt - A taunt that is indefinite and doesn't move the player by default
  • AFM - “away from mouse” - Any type of use of the mouse, controller or joystick is prohibited
  • LR - Last request
  • FF - Friendly fire
  • CC - Collisions
  • KOS - Kill on sight
  • Ghosting - Giving information about actions or locations of players while you are dead
  • Bomb rush - To travel without detours or delays, staying on the designated area upon arrival and until further orders
  • Freekill - Killing a RED without valid reason
  • Freehit - Hitting a RED when they are following orders
  • Freeday - When orders cannot be given and prisoners are free to do what they want
    • This does not include attacking BLUs, enter armoury and/or get ammo)
  • DR - Death request
  • Warden Marker - Circle placed by warden as a travel point
  • Active minigame - A minigame that must be activated and/or are exited via teleportation outside of the minigame
Useful Jailbreak Commands
  • !r - Used for REDs to ask for a repeat of the most recent order
  • !w - Makes you warden if there is no current warden
  • !givelr - Opens a menu to give the last request to a RED
  • !wmenu - Opens the warden menu
  • !wmute - Opens the mute menu
  • !wslay - Opens the slay menu
  • !wff - Toggles friendly fire
  • !wcc - Enables player collisions
  • !open - Opens the cells
  • !close - Closes the cells
  • !cw - Shows the current warden
General Jailbreak Rules
  • Do not talk over the warden
  • Do not delay the round
    • This includes, but is not limited to, locking someone in cells or not actively rebelling
  • You may ghost only if the person is delaying which means they are hiding/running away and not actively trying to end the round.
  • Do not impersonate the warden
    • Giving orders when you're not the warden
  • It is a freeday if:
    • No orders are given by the time the cell doors open
      • This is considered “forcing freeday” which results in a slay
      • If you force freeday multiple times, you will be guard banned
    • If the only orders given are invalid
    • If warden locks, it becomes a freeday
  • Do not talk over staff during a mic check
  • Do not hide in/stay on banned/illegal spots
    • Banned/illegal spots are defined as a spot that can only be reached/accessed by a certain team, certain weapons, and/or certain classes
  • If something is unclear, staff have final say
  • Do not abuse cl_interp
  • You are required to have an understandable microphone to be on BLU
    • You are not required to use it as a guard but you must have an audible microphone ready to use in the case of a mic check or you become the Warden
  • Guards cannot give orders to prisoners
  • Do not ruin the round
    • Kill binding on purpose
    • Blocking armory door
    • Leaving the warden to do whatever you want
      • This does not include hunting/chasing rebellers
  • No freekilling or teamkilling with the exception of Rapid Rockets Day and HHH Day
    • This also includes killing them with map objects, such as doors or pushing them into lava
  • No freehitting
    • Dealing damage to prisoners for no reason
    • Applying status effects to REDs
      • Such as jarate, mad milk, or gas passer
    • Do not airblast or shortstop push REDs
    • Holiday punch stunning REDs
      • This includes doing it to freedays
  • No camping armory or medic
  • Do not place stickies unless you are actively using them to kill rebellers
  • Do not deny an LR or DR
    • You may deny an LR or DR if it is something you are genuinely uncomfortable with doing or saying.
      • Do not use this as a loophole to always get out of it
  • Do not assist rebellers. This includes:
    • Opening armory for rebellers
    • Dropping your weapon on purpose by killbinding or forwarding weapons on the ground
    • Ignoring/Allowing rebelling
  • Do not bait
    • Scoping in on/revving up a minigun without actively trying to kill rebels
      • This includes charging up an arrow
    • Revving a minigun without actively trying to kill rebellers
    • Entering the RED side of a minigame without actively trying to kill rebellers
      • This includes being inside of Knife Pit while REDs are there
    • Taunting with REDs
    • Entering cells with REDs without actively trying to kill rebellers
  • If there is only 1 guard left, they can become warden OR kill all the remaining REDs
    • You must commit to one of these, you cannot start killing REDs then become warden
    • Warden does NOT have to lock for this to apply
    • You cannot unwarden to be last guard
  • You CANNOT give passive orders, which are defined as:
    • An order that cannot be overwritten by another order, such as “afk freeze from now on" or "keep jumping until I say to stop”
    • Giving a passive order will result in the order being a normal order, meaning that it will be overridden by your next order
  • Orders override orders
    • Orders do not override days
    • This means that once a new order is given, all previous orders do not apply
    • To give multiple orders at once they must be given at the same time, which results in one order altogether.
  • What is classified as an order?
    • Telling the REDs to go anywhere
    • Starting a minigame
    • Doing anything else, such as starting or ending days, giving class restrictions, or renaming REDs, do not count as orders and will not cause orders to be overridden
  • You may not order REDs into an active minigame
  • If a RED asks for a repeat, you MUST give at least 1 repeat of the order
    • If you've already repeated your order without a RED requesting one, you must give at least one more repeat when REDs do request one
  • You cannot give impossible orders
    • For example, saying “AFK on a window in your cell” due to the lack of windows in some cells
  • You cannot lie
    • This includes telling REDs the wrong bridge in death run
  • The warden is unable to bait REDs
  • You cannot unwarden unless you are warden for the 4th time in a row
    • You can only be warden 3 times in a row
      • Your count resets if someone else has become warden later in the round
  • You cannot give freedays
    • Unless it is the first round of a map, then it is automatically “first day freeday”
  • You can only enable FF ONCE per round and can only be used once every 3 rounds.
  • You may not rename BLUs
  • You may only rename REDs under certain conditions:
    • It does not break any rules
    • It is not a word that sounds the same in pronunciation
      • For example, "breads," "beds," "ribs," etc.
  • You can pardon REDs if you pardon ALL REDs and if no one has been killed for the reason you are pardoning REDs
  • You cannot pardon a warden killer
  • When the warden dies, previous orders still apply until new orders are given OR until the warden locks
  • You may leave non-rebelling REDs alone or with a guard(s) under a certain condition:
    • You are hunting and chasing rebellers
  • Class restrictions must be given specifically as class restrictions
    • Must be given by saying something similar to “the following class restrictions now apply...”
    • Class restrictions given in this format will NOT be overridden by new orders
    • Each class restriction that the warden wants must be specified by the warden
      • Class restrictions are not automatically defined
    • Valid class restrictions:
      • Scouts no projectiles / no double or triple jumping
      • Pyros no jetpacking / must have jetpacks out
      • Engineers no teleporting
      • Medics no healing / must have medi-guns out
      • Spies must have sappers out
Giving last request (LR)
  • LR must be given to the last non-rebelling RED
  • A minigame does not have to be played to receive LR
    • If a minigame is in progress, it must be finished for LR to be given
  • Once a RED has received LR, orders no longer apply to them
  • If the RED closes the LR menu, the warden must give LR at least 1 more time
  • DR is optional and can be given at wardens discretion
  • DR cannot include FF or getting ammo
  • DR may only last 45 seconds, once 45 seconds have passed the RED is KOS
  • A RED may detour or delay unless the warden says otherwise
    • Do not overdo it
      • You must go in the direction of the warden's specified destination
  • REDs cannot block buttons or push them
    • They can push buttons if ordered to
      • Such as to open a door
    • They can push jeopardy buttons
  • REDs cannot heal a rebeller, doing so will result in the healer becoming a rebeller themselves
  • REDs cannot leave the cells before they open. Doing so will classify you as a rebeller
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • The picture frame and wall in Peach cell on Mlcastle
  • You may hit baiters
    • You may only hit them during the time they are baiting, once they stop baiting you may not hit them.
  • You cannot forcebait
    • Running/jumping to hit a guard who is not baiting
    • Hitting a guard with a projectile who is not baiting
    • Using a taunt to kill a guard who is not baiting
  • If an order is given to go INTO somewhere, that means you must be inside the perimeter of the designated area
  • If an order is given to go TO somewhere, then that includes being inside the perimeter and the immediate area by the entrance
Things that make you KOS
  • Having ammo
  • Being in armory
  • Breaking or activating something that will let you into armory
    • This also includes secret ways not directly linked to armory, such as a teleporter
    • This does not include breaking any glass, even glass that leads to tardis.
  • Cheating (automatically implied, defined, and cannot be redefined)
    • Going over, under, or around a minigame
    • Using a jetpack inside a minigame
    • Triple jumping is not automatically defined as cheating, however, the warden may specify otherwise
  • Glitching or abusing a map feature
    • Such as door glitching
  • Freedays are given to people via a last request and will spawn with red particles surrounding them
  • Freedays don’t have to follow wardens orders and can’t be given any
  • BLUs cannot bait freedays
    • Meaning REDs can’t hit a BLU that would normally be considered baiting
  • Freedays cannot interfere with minigames
    • This includes:
      • Opening/closing RED side doors
      • Pressing the open cells button
      • Pressing minigame buttons
    • Freedays may open/close BLU side doors
  • Freedays cannot block buttons
  • If a freeday blocks the warden excessively or traps a BLU in a corner they can be killed
  • Freedays cannot heal rebels, doing otherwise will make them KOS
  • Freedays cannot break or activate something that will let them into armory
  • Freedays cannot enter armory
Custom LRs
  • Custom LRs cannot conflict with server rules, if this happens the LR is ignored.
  • Custom LRs include but are not limited to:
    • Specific minigames all day
    • Warden must say “____” after every order
Minigames listed in the rules do not need to be defined by the warden

Cell Wars:
Warden activates Friendly-Fire and the prisoners have to kill all their cellmates. The warden can only do cell wars if there are 4 or less alive guards

  • It is not automatically out of cell rebel day during cell wars
  • If cells open during cell wars without another order being given, you may walk to different cells to fight other REDs, but not anywhere else. It is not automatically freeday when this scenario happens.
Hunger Games: The REDs are allowed to scatter then FF is enabled. The reds are to kill each other with the last survivor getting LR. This can only be played as an LR
  • Hunger Games is not affected by the rule to wait 3 rounds to enable FF
  • Extra rules can be added such as
    • Return to main cell area by a certain time
    • No teaming
    • No medic room
War Day: Guards hide in a certain area in the map. The cells open, REDs break into armory and get ammo, then try to kill the BLUs. The guards cannot leave the specified area until 3 minutes have passed since the cells open. This can only be played as an LR
  • If no area is specified in the LR, then bowling is the default spot
  • If the map does not have bowling, the warden must pick an indoor spot that does not have line of sight to the cells or armory
  • Anywhere in main cell area is not an acceptable place for War Day
  • If a BLU leaves the specified area before the 3 minute mark, they cannot kill anyone and if they do it is considered freekill
True or False: Warden asks a question that can only be answered by true or false. Warden defines at the beginning of the game which place is true and which is false
  • For example, red side knife pit is false and blue side is true
  • All questions must be TF2 or math related
Red Light Green Light: The REDs start at a starting point. When the warden says “Green Light”, the REDs must be bombrushing towards the designated endpoint. When the warden says “Red Light” the REDs must afk freeze

Club Glod: Prisoners tell a joke, show a taunt, cosmetics or spray. Warden can either tell the guards to vote on it or decide for themselves who should live or die

Hide n Seek: Guards are frozen inside armory at the beginning of the round. Once they are unfrozen, they must find the REDs and kill them. The last RED gets LR. This can only be played as an LR

  • If there are 2 REDs in the same hiding spot, BOTH must be killed and neither can receive LR
  • If you see a RED you MUST kill them, unless it is the final RED
Diner: All prisoners have to come up with food to give to the warden. If the warden likes it the prisoner lives. If the warden dislikes it he kills the prisoner

Jeopardy/Trivia: Warden will ask a question and prisoners can answer it. Questions can only be TF2 related or math questions

  • All classes must be able to hit the buttons
    • This is to be made clear just so that class restrictions do not restrict REDs from pressing the pedestal buttons
First Reaction Last Reaction: If the warden says “Last reaction” before the order, the last person to do the order is KOS. If the warden says “First reaction” before the order, the first person to do the order is KOS

Simon Says: Simon says must be started with “Simon says I’m Simon, Simon says we are playing Simon Says.” When the warden says this, all the orders are invalid unless warden starts the order with “Simon says”. The only way to end Simon Says is by saying “Simon says we are no longer playing Simon Says, Simon says I am no longer Simon.” Ending the game wrong means the game is still active

Meatgrinder: The reds are moved into an enclosed area and FF is enabled

  • Enclosed meaning any area that is closed off at all sides or an area which you cannot escape without the use of an item’s ability
  • This cannot be the first minigame
  • Can be done inside another mini-game (such as Fall Game)
    • However, a different mini-game has to be completed before FF can be enabled for meat grinder
  • Arena is not separate from meatgrinder, it is just another location for meatgrinder
Pokémon Day: The warden orders all prisoners to go to a specific area in the map. The warden then chooses a ‘Pokémon trainer’ for the RED team by asking a TF2 related or math question. Warden is the BLU team’s ‘Pokémon trainer’. The trainers both have to order their teammates to fight in the designated area using only melee. This can only be played as an LR
  • Both sides may ONLY use their melee weapons in a fight
  • You cannot use things like uber, soldier backpacks, primary or secondary weapons, charging, or projectiles
  • Essentially you can only left click with your melee
Sweeper/Wipeout: The REDs must jump over a spinning bar to survive
  • Warden cannot force all REDs to stand on one podium and enable collisions
  • Warden cannot force all REDs to stand on the middle
  • The middle of sweeper is a podium, but warden can exclude it.
  • Warden may add extra rules to Sweeper
    • For example, "must be jumping player podium to player podium"
Deathrun: The REDs must navigate through traps that the guards activate.
  • Resetting deathrun while REDs are inside of it is illegal
  • Guards may hit the buttons ONLY if they're trying to kill a RED with the trap. Intentionally pressing buttons without intention to kill is considered trolling
  • If there is 1 RED remaining, you cannot allow them to pass without activating any traps or activating traps without intent to kill them, allowing them to receive an easy LR. This is considered favouritism.
Custom minigames are allowed and must be defined when they are started.
  • Custom minigames cannot conflict with server rules
Days listed in the rules do not need to be defined by the warden

Out(side) Of Cell Rebel Day: Any RED who leaves their cell is KOS

In(side) Of Cell Rebel Day: Any RED who is inside their cell is KOS

  • REDs must be given a chance to leave their cells
Lava Day: Touching the floor makes you KOS
  • Using a taunts such as the Zoomin Broom does not count as being off the floor
Jump Day: REDs must be constantly jumping

No Jump Day: REDs cannot jump

Crouch Day: REDs must constantly be crouching

No Crouch Day: REDs cannot crouch

Stairs Are KOS Day: Any REDs that walk on stairs are KOS.

  • Be reasonable as to what you consider stairs
Ladders Are KOS Day: REDs cannot use ladders

No Taunt Day: REDs cannot taunt

No Robot Day: REDs cannot use the command !robot to change their player model

  • This day does not restrict the use of !skeleton
No Reskin Day: REDs cannot use any command to change their player model, this includes !robot and !skeleton

Warden Presses Buttons Only Day: REDs AND BLUs cannot push buttons

  • If a BLU pushes a button, use the warden menu to slay them
Banned Minigames/Days
  • Anything that requires REDs to be a certain class
  • Anything that conflicts with server rules
  • Shoot Or Don't Shoot: Where the REDs line up, the warden picks a prisoner and asks “Shoot or don’t shoot?” then, depending on the answer, will shoot the RED
    • This includes variations such as ‘Crit or no Crit’ and ‘Give or Take’
  • Armoury Tour: Letting the REDs into armory and only killing them if they get ammo
    • This cannot be done as any RED that enters armory is automatically KOS
  • All BLUs and REDs are players
  • An order involving “all my warden marker” or “every warden marker” means all of the warden markers
  • Stairs, like inside of Bowling, Club Glod, and Jeopardy/Trivia, do count as lines, but the platform that those stairs lead to do not count as lines
  • If a guard kills a red right as the warden pardons all reds, nothing occurs. The rest of the reds are not KOS, and the guard should not be slain. It just happens to be unfortunate timing
  • Giving an order to a BLU(s) does not override an order given to REDs
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Swag PhD
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Mar 25, 2020
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Major Changes:

March 29, 2021
  • Added a definition of AFK Taunts
  • Added that the warden must stay with non-rebelling REDs unless the warden is hunting/chasing rebellers
  • Added the gas passer as freehitting
  • Under Prisoners/REDs, clarified when REDs can hit baiters
  • Under Cell Wars, added that REDs may walk out of cells when they're opened, if another order is not given, to go and fight other REDs
  • Added that the warden may rename REDs under certain conditions, but may not rename BLUs
  • Under War Day, added "Anywhere in main cell area is not an acceptable place for War Day"
  • Clarified that untaunting is not AFK
  • Under cheating, added triple jumping is not automatically cheating but the warden may specify otherwise
  • Under Clarifications, added that "giving an order to a BLU(s) does not override an order given to REDs"
  • Added that giving a passive order results in it being a normal order, meaning it will be overridden by the next order
  • Under Warden, added a stronger definition of when to repeat your order
  • Added a stronger definition of freedays interfering with minigames
  • Under Warden, specified that "class restrictions are not automatically defined"
  • Added that renaming REDs does not count as an order. Just like ending a day, renaming REDs does not override orders
May 6, 2021
  • Added a definition of an active minigame.
  • Added "You may not order REDs into an active minigame" under Warden
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