Accepted RE: patillian's response to my previous ban appeal

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May 4, 2021
What was your type of punishment?:
Permanent Ban

What is your gameME?
gameME Stats - Player Information

Who has punished you?

Why were you punished?
Pedophilia and trolling

Why should we revoke your punishment?
So thanks patillian for providing a video of my wrongdoings, as I previously said. Those were all jokes and I know and fully understand that you do not take those kinds of comments lighty and I too find those kinds of comments disgusting. It may seem contradictory of me to say that I despise pedophiles and pedophilia in general even though I jokingly stated that I am one. When patilian mentioned that I said "But you know it ain't a joke right?" like please, come on, as disgusting as it is, it is pretty clear that I was doing another joke (of very poor taste may I add) It's fair that you ban me for I know you won't allow ANY of those people or comments be it satirical or be it serious. In my case it was a satirical comment and I deserved to be punished. What am I trying to get with this appeal? at the very least a month long ban or weeks long ban. but a permanent ban? I don't know, I really do enjoy the server and I don't have bad blood with anyone in there and I deeply apologize for these disgusting comments, not only the ones I made today, but the ones I made in previous days (that I did not get a punishment for and thus making me think that I would get away with this one) Thank you very much and I await your response with open arms.


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Mar 25, 2020
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I will reduce your permanent ban to 1 month because you do seem to be satire about it, but you still need to be prosecuted for it.

Just so you're aware, next time you do anything related to pedophilia, it will be a permanent unappealable ban.

Appeal Accepted
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