Important Application Template

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Jan 17, 2020

These requirements are to be fulfilled before applying. Not doing so will result in an instant decline of the application.

  • You must be 15 or older years of age. (Exception: 14 years of age if mature.)
  • You may not have any active bans or bans on the community that are month or longer.
  • You must have a working, understandable microphone.
  • You must be on our Discord server.
  • Your Steam account must be Premium.
  • Your Steam profile and game stats must be public.
  • You must have the required hours on the game you are applying for:
    • TF2 = 500+ Hours
  • You must have a clear Steam Rep.
  • You must be active with over 48 hours on our servers.

Only when you fulfill all the requirements you can apply. You can reapply only 3 times.

Additional Info: Staff does not merely administrate the game servers. There are additional tasks that will be further explained upon acceptance of you application. Before applying be reminded that the community runs also outside of game servers and therefore you should be prepared to spend time partaking in discussions and voice-chats.

How does the application work?
On our community, you can apply for staff by making a staff application that follows the format listed below. The information requested under General Information is allowed to be answered with one-liners. We expect complete and original answers to questions. One-liners would not suffice. Put simply: be creative!

Note: When you finish the application and post it in the Staff-Applications section, you automatically confirm the following:
  • You have read the requirements and you are fully aware of them.
  • You have checked your answers and confirmed they do not have anything missing.
  • You confirm that you answered the questions truthfully and did not give any wrong information.
If you are missing requirements, you will be declined automatically and may be barred from applying in the future.

General Information:
  • Username:
  • Discord including tag: (Name#XXXX)
  • Age:
  • gameME:
  • SteamID:
  • Time Zone & Online Times:
  • Why are you applying?
  • Do you have any previous experience administrating?
    • If so, please provide some proof.
  • How would you improve the community?
    • What have you done already?
  • Have you applied on any other community in the past month? If yes, please specify.
  • Why should we pick you?

After you have posted your application in the Staff Applications section on the forums, it will be evaluated be the Staff. Keep in mind we want to be able to have contact with you in case we have additional questions. The evaluation of an application may take up to a week or more if necessary.
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Mar 23, 2020
Staff Application Template Update (17/3/2021)

  • Fixed/reworded various sentences.
  • Fixed grammar errors.
  • Changed TF2 hours requirement from 750 to 500.
  • Changed age requirement from 16 to 15 (14 if mature enough.)
  • Removed voice recording question.
  • Combined a few of the questions to be more concise.
  • Specified that you cannot have active bans while applying.
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